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There’s nothing better than VR.

Virtual Reality is a brand new activity that many have yet to experience, and few will ever forget. As the hottest new thing in entertainment technology, VR is the perfect way to bring the most cutting-edge group experience to your event. Whether your guests are 5 years old or 75, our VR rentals are experiences that everyone can enjoy.

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A Group Activity For Everyone

From competing to get the highest score to watching and laughing along, Glimpse VR’s rental is an all-inclusive activity that will entertain everyone, all at the same time. On-lookers can get a glimpse through the door, or watch what’s happening from the guests’ perspective.

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Endless Possibilities

The Glimpse Portal can be rented & set up inside or outdoors, and can be paired with a theme or without. The options are endless.

Glimpse VR is the perfect fit for high end events like:

  • Culture & Team-building Events
  • Corporate Holiday Parties
  • Trade Shows & Conferences
  • Private Parties like Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Birthday Parties, Holiday Parties, and more!
  • Charity Events

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Step Into A Different Reality

With over 15 thrilling games & experiences like Beat Saber and Fruit Ninja to choose from, you can stun your guests by giving them a Glimpse into another world.

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Games & Experiences

Cutting-Edge Tech, Mind Blowing Entertainment

The Glimpse Portal was custom designed with luxury in mind. Creating an eye-catching, Sleek & Modern Hi-tech attraction for your event. 

At your event, the Glimpse Team will guide each participant in their unique adventure, and ensure those waiting in line are entertained while watching the action.

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Untethered Headset, Unlimited Fun.

Let your guests dive deep into their imagination - no strings attached! All of our headsets are lightweight and comfortable with a minimalistic design.

Most importantly, our goggles are meticulously washed for a clean & safe experience.

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Seamless Integration, Cohesive Recreation

Perfect for a corporate event or a private function, everyone can enjoy VR with or without the goggles. 

While in line, your guests will be watching, laughing, and enjoying the gameplay of their co-workers, friends, and family in a thrilling and engaging fashion.

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The Event Experience

The Portal

The Glimpse team will arrive at your event’s location early to get everything set up. Our team will help your guests form a line, and guide each participant into The Portal for their turn. By-standers can watch what’s happening inside the goggles from the display outside the booth.


The Headset

Using top of the line tech, our tether-less headset is completely wireless, allowing each participant to experience maximum mobility. This technology lets your guests explore new realities they’ve never seen before in an unprecedented way.


The Display

This free-standing display allows on-lookers and those waiting in line to see what’s happening from the participant’s perspective. It displays what’s going on inside the goggles, giving your guests a front row seat on all the action while they wait for their turn. With Glimpse VR, everyone is entertained simultaneously.


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Glimpse VR allows you to take your guests on an unforgettable trip – no passport required.

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